A buyer’s attention is precious.

How will you get it? And how will you keep it?

For successful sales, start by knowing WHO you are targeting. Buyer personas will give you the insight to create powerful targeted marketing messages.  Your sales conversation will be more successful if you understand the pain points and real needs of your buyer, and adjust your messaging accordingly.

create a buyer persona to understand how to target your messaging

Buyer knowledge is sales power. Do you have it?

Not every buyer has the same business drivers and targets. Very often the buyer won’t reveal these to you. You might have to investigate in some research.

It pays to consolidate your knowledge and insights of the buyer into a buyer persona. Opening a relevant discussion with your buyer is more powerful than simply presenting the product features or benefits you think they should be interested in.

In 2019, there’s no one-size-fits-all sales and marketing solution.

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